Have you ever been pulled away into another world to fly on dragons or defeat some aliens? Or do you happen to have an interest in writing such fantasy pieces? This fall, UVU’s English department is offering a newly developed class that focuses on such readings and writings.

The class, themes in literature: fantasy, is being taught by professor Jolayne Call on MWF from 1:00 to 1:50. This class is offered only once a year. A student who enjoys reading and writing this type of genre would not want to miss this class, as there are no other classes that focus exclusively on fantasy and science fiction.

The reading list includes Prachett, Williams, Mccaffrey, Jordan, Orson Scott Card, and others. Along with the readings, the students will be able to write one main fantasy piece. Call said that reading the students pieces is one of the most exciting parts about this class.

“What’s exciting is to watch the students engage in the literature and get excited,” said Call. “When they discover new writers, or when they discover something wonderful from an old writer, you see the excitement build in them, and their eyes get wide. That’s exciting to me.”

Call states that many of the writings in this class have ended up in UVU’s WARP AND WEAVE, a literary journal published by the English department.

This new addition to the English department allows students to pursue diversity in fantasy themes. The class is listed as ENGL 276R, and the only prerequisite is ENGL 1010.