The Equity Education Center at UVSC hosted "Empowering Your Tomorrow," intended to raise awareness on career opportunities for 6th to 12th grade boys and their parents.

A 2006 study found that only 35 percent of college graduates are male. The study also reports that young men account for nearly all disciplinary action within the classroom and the majority of dropouts. The conference was over five hours long and introduced a variety of career choices the boys can pursue if they continue their education.

The conference featured 22 workshops ranging from accounting, forensics, dental hygiene, to robotics. Parents as well as educators were encouraged to attend with and take workshops on how to help the boys succeed in their education and support vocational pursuits.

"Empowering Your Tomorrow" is similar to "Expanding Your Horizons," a math, science and technology conference designed for girls. Although "Expanding Your Horizons" has run for 22 years, this is the second year for the boy’s conference. The girl’s conference will be held March 1.

Connie Vincent, director of conferences and workshops at the Equity Education Center, estimated 200 boys to attend. She hopes the conference will help motivate the boys in doing well in school and learning skills that will better prepare them to continue their education and pursue a career.