“Unfortunately not all crises are foreseeable , so education and prevention are the next best thing,” said Student Body President Trevor Tooke, when asked about the new safety procedure signs displayed in classrooms throughout UVU.

The purpose of the new emergency signs is to help educate faculty and students on how to act in a crisis situation.

Before the new signs were installed, students were left to search through complex flip charts in the event of an emergency, but in recent months the process has been simplified. The hope is that students will gain easier accessibility to mandatory safety information in the case of a crisis.

Tooke explained that student government first learned of the idea while attending a summer conference at Southern Utah University. They brought a copy of the plan back and revised it to meet the needs of UVU. In a short period of time the popularity of the upgraded emergency plans has spread rapidly and campuses across the state are now initiating plans of their own.

“One of the focuses of the current student government administration is campus safety,” said Tooke. We strongly believe that UVU needs to continue to promote a safe, protected campus. We feel that each UVU student is entitled to a peaceful and secure environment.”

Student government encourages all students to keep their eyes open for any safety issues on campus and report anything questionable to a member of student council. They are continually looking for ways to improve safety measures.

“We are committed to providing students with peace of mind,” said Tooke. “Therefore, if a student feels threatened or unsafe on campus, please immediately contact either UVU Police at 801-863-5555 or any student government member in room SC 105 or at 801-863-8652. Steps will quickly be taken to resolve any problems.”