Team Innovate left to right Chris Loumeau, David Millet, Joe Jurisic, Sam Hadlock with the new Club Vice President Sarah Roseborough. Andrea Whatcott/UVU Review

Voting for the new Executive Council took place between Feb. 28 and March 1. Team Innovate won the elections while running against no other party.
Though the voting outcome was not a surprise, the numbers behind them might be.

When the polls closed and the totals were counted, Christopher Loumeau was voted student body president for the upcoming year.
Loumeau took 84 percent of the vote, getting 593 votes against a total of 110 write-ins.

Sam Hadlock, the executive vice president, had 88 percent of the vote, receiving 515 votes against 70 write-ins.

David Millet became the vice president of academics with 87 percent of the vote, garnering 506 votes versus 73 write-ins.

Joe Jurisic, vice president of student activities, received 88 percent of votes for his position, with 510 votes to 70 write-ins.

The write-in candidates ranged from random students to Jesus, and some where simply formal protests. There are 32,670 students and 703 voted in the presidential election, which equates to 2 percent of the student body population.

Student government is the liaison for students and are the first recommending body when it comes to how student fees are spent. With 703 votes out of the estimated $12 million budget in student fees, that means each vote was worth around $17,070.

There is also a new vice president over the clubs, which was voted for by the clubs. Sarah Roseborough won in a close race. With 44 clubs voting, Roseborough had 26 votes while Owen Beck, the other candidate, received 16 votes. Two votes went to write-in candidates.