Vice President of Student Affairs, Cory L. Duckworth, has been appointed by Comissioner of education William Sederburg to direct the transition of the College of Eastern Utah (CEU) as it becomes a regional college of Utah State University (USU).

“I am happy to help the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) as it works to resolve some challenging issues related to the ongoing vitality of the CEU,” Duckworth said. “CEU is very important to the educational opportunities that are available for students in the Southeastern region of our state. As we look at enrollment increases anticipated at UVU in the years ahead, CEU can help relieve some pressure that will otherwise tax our systems here in Orem.”

This new appointment, although challenging, will not impede Duckworth’s pre-established and fundamental position at UVU.

“I will continue to serve as the Vice President of Student Affairs at UVU,” Duckworth said. “Though I will often be absent from campus during this fall semester, I will be able to continue overseeing the strategic management issues related to the Student Affairs Division.”

With declining enrollment and funding challenges, CEU has fallen on difficult times. Despite these obstacles, Duckworth perceives immense potential in the institution.

“By working more closely with USU there will be opportunities to reduce administrative cost and strengthen academic offerings to encourage additional attendance by students in and out of the immediate region,” Duckworth said.

Having led the strategic development efforts of three different universities, Duckworth is well prepared to manage this new commission. Other qualifications include training as an attorney and a master’s degree in political science with an emphasis in public administration and organizational development.

“He understands the important business drivers behind this transition,” Sederburg said. “He reflects the Board’s commitment to not only devise an efficient operational model, but also build upon the higher education services in southwestern Utah.”

On July 17, the Board of Regents sanctioned the proposed Memorandum of Understanding, which will be undertaken by several committees as they propose solutions to central issues.

“The memo will provide guidance to the initial steps in the merger. Other issues will be resolved over the months and years ahead,” Duckworth said.