The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing and the legs are showing. Spring and summer give women the chance to show a little leg, and there’s no better way to do that than in some of this season’s “it” dresses.


Journey with me as I explain why each following style of dress should be a part of your “sprimmer” wardrobe.


Bright colored dresses 

Just like colored pants are really in, so are colored dresses. The brighter the better, and don’t be afraid of it. Colored dresses are also great pieces to color block. A color to watch out for is neon pink. It’s one of those few colors that really goes with every skin tone.


Off the shoulder dresses

So maybe you want to show a little more than just leg. Great! Give your shoulders a little breather, too. Whether it’s both shoulders or one, off the shoulder dresses are one of those items that just keeps coming back.

Sheer prints and fabrics

Afraid to show too much skin? Embrace this season’s love of sheer fabrics. It’s a great way to be a little daring, but not over the top.


Dropped waist

Probably one of the most popular styles this spring, dropped waist dresses are bringing back the ‘20s with a roar. Channel your inner flapper or Daisy Buchanan, but add a modern twist with monochromatic patterns and streamlined silhouettes so you can be the bees knees.


Asymmetrical hemlines

Maybe you like the front of your legs more than the back, and that’s okay. Hemlines that are shorter in the front and longer in the back are more than just acceptable in the upcoming warmer months. It’s okay: knee pits aren’t necessarily the most attractive parts of the human body.


Peplum dresses 

Peplum is defined as a short overskirt attached to a fitted dress, shirt or skirt. It originated in Greece when it was known as peplos prior to 500 B.C., meaning that it’s super old school. But just like jerseys, a good throwback is always welcomed back into the fashion fold.


Nature prints

Ditch the frilly flowers. This season, it’s all about nature. Think forests, landscapes, trees, grass, etc. A good nature print on a dress is a fun way to be down to earth this sprimmer season.


Deep-V LWD

Little black dress? Not this sprimmer. Little white dresses are key, especially if you tan well or have a darker complexion already. If you’re worried about looking like a little girl, add a deep v neckline to sauce it up a bit.


Always keep in mind that not every style will work for everyone, and that just because it is in style doesn’t mean you have to like it or wear it. These are simply ideas to inspire your “dress-y” mind.


By Vanessa Fraga Perkins
UVU Correspondent

Photos from MODCLOTH.COM