UVSC student Mark Winget held a week-long grand opening for his new restaurant, Dooners Fresh Seasoned Grille, in Riverton, May 5-10.

Winget’s restaurant, which is the first of its kind in America, was part of his Technology Management capstone class at UVSC. "Thanks to UVSC, this concept has become a reality," said Winget.

Fellow students Brett Riggle, Dallas Jackman and Eric Sheffield worked together with Winget on the project under the direction of professor Wayne Hanewicz.

The team was challenged to use all their learnings to benefit the community and boost the economy. The team got to practice Technology Management while using their Accounting and Business Management skills acquired at UVSC. Roughly, 30 conceptual drawings were created before they had their blueprint for America’s first Dooner ‘s Restaurant.

"This class was the perfect boost to bring this idea to life," Winget said. "I had all the resources I needed." His most important resource might be his love of food.

Dooner’s gets its name from a traditional Turkish food popular all over Europe. A dooner is a grilled bread pocket with your choice of meat, vegetables and dressing. Winget developed a taste for dooners while serving as an LDS missionary in Hamburg, Germany.

"Dooners are Europe’s most popular food," said Winget who serves as President and Founder of Dooners of America. "They are just as big in Canada and Australia as well, and we are excited to introduce such a popular food to America."

The Riverton Dooner’s Grille is actually a 3-in-1 store along with Dooners Delights and the Bascom Ranch Southwest Grille. Dooners Delights is a bakery serving Gelato and chocolates while the Bascom Ranch Grille has a small menu of recipes from the family of the legendary rodeo rider Earl Bascom.

Winget is "Doonerizing" America one store at a time with his next restaurant opening in the Provo area. Winget has also set a lofty goal of opening 10,000 stores in 30 years.

"We want everyone’s support as we introduce America to a healthy alternative to hot dogs and hamburgers," said Winget.