Is it harder to do these things for you in the winter?

“I buy only handmade or second-hand clothes, I recycle and I only drive when I have to. I try to use the heater as little as possible, but my house is old and drafty so I have to wear hats and coats all day sometimes. My husband and I want to build an ‘Earthship’ home someday when we can afford the land and materials.”
—Loraine Gholdston, features writer

“I have the local recycling service, but I have been concerned ever since a friend told me the stuff just ends up in the same dump due to having no outlet for the materials. I try to compost yard and produce refuse, as well as newspaper and cardboard, but I think worms may be needed to break it down effectively in a timely manner. I also use as many leaves as I can get from my neighbors in the fall for my compost pile, but nothing breaks down in the winter cold.”
—Lorna Marie Larson, features writer

“I do a lot of composting, which is really easy during the winter. But my already-measly attempts to eat local are almost completely eradicated during the cold months.”
—Mel Sundquist, editor-in-chief of The V

“I follow this rule: If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”
—Natalie Psuik, culture designer

“I recycle. Does that count as environmentally friendly?”
—Andrea Lindgren, news editor

“I try to conserve water. I’ve heard that Utah is headed for tough times when it comes to our clean water supply, so I just try to take shorter showers. It might sound dumb, but if everyone did it, we would save a ton of water.”
—Sterling Gray, assistant news editor

“Honestly, the only thing I ever do is recycle paper and that is only if its convenient. I would love to say I do more stuff, but I don’t so it really doesn’t matter if it’s the winter, spring or summer.”
—Jarom Moore, news writer

“I ride the bus. It gets a little difficult during the winter waiting outside in the cold, but I pull through.”
—Brian Ericksen, features writer