If you are looking for an inviting spot to study or hang out, look no further than the newly built Digital Learning Center. The views alone are enough to enlighten the minds of all who enter.

The five-floor, 190,000-square-foot structure located on the north end of the UVU Campus was designed by Alspector Architecture, a full-service architecture and interior design firm based out of New York City.

Because of the energy-efficient design, the building will save the university nearly $100,000 annually in utility costs.

President Sederburg has commented that his interest was in creating a warmer, friendlier feel for the library. This has been accomplished through the use of warm paint tones and colorful artwork displayed throughout the building.

A benefit of the design includes “daylighting,” an effort to draw nature into the building to create a diffused lighting condition perfect for many purposes — such as increasing attention spans, improving exam results, and promoting more effective learning.

Ben Killgore, a library aide, said that he likes how much space is in the new library, and that it’s interesting to see people’s reactions when they first walk into the building.

Currently, the Digital Learning Center feels a bit empty. However, come this fall, things will definitely change.

The first two levels are intended to be the hub of the student social scene, leaving the other three levels for quiet study.
A café with seating for 150 students and more than eighty computers will be available for students, staff and community members on the first floor.

“I really love the idea of a café in the new library,” said Miguel Garrido, a UVU student. “It will give me some relaxation time while I am studying.”

Not only students, but also community members can enjoy the resources of the new library. “A Community Patron Card is only 20 dollars a year and allows community members to check out any books (minus textbooks) and videos,” said Brad Frank, a library aide. “Community members can gain Internet access with this card as well.”

Two features of the new library include a meditation room and family study room, where children can play while parents do their homework.

A major difference between the designs of the new library and the old Learning Resource Center is that the sections of books are spread across each level.

“At first, it’s a little bit confusing, but I recommend living out the explorer inside of you,” said Killgore. “Explore this place. It’s worth your time and effort, and you can definitely find a corner to call your own.”