Desert Noises have been a local favorite for a few years now.


With the help of local artist Joshua James and Slowtrain records, the band is releasing their first full-length album, Mountain Sea as an LP record. The band will celebrate the release of their record with a show on Monday September 26 at Muse Music Café in Provo. We sat down with Kyle Henderson from Desert Noises and talked about the release.


V: What is the current line-up of DN right now?


Kyle: The band was started by a coupe of friends and me in the basement of my parent’s house. We just wanted to jam and make music.

Now the current line up is Pat Boyer, Tyler Osmond, Kyle Henderson and Tim George.


V: Where did you record this album?

Kyle: We recorded it at Joshua James’ home studio. The experience was awesome. It’s always fun to work with Josh.


V: This is DN’s first full-length album, why are you releasing the record on vinyl?

Kyle: I wanted to have this out on vinyl because that is my favorite way to listen to music and we were lucky enough to have support from Slowtrain records.


V: What were your influences during the song writing process for the record?

Kyle: There are so many things and artists that influence these songs. It’s hard to nail down a few. I would say the biggest influence is life itself. [I like] using songs to express a feeling.


V: What plans does DN have for the near future?

Kyle: Tour, Tour, Tour!


Why you should go to the show:

  • Desert Noises thrives on small intimate shows and makes them very fun and energetic
  • This might be one of the last times to see this Desert Noises in such an intimate setting.
  • There is an Osmond in the band. Maybe Donny will stop by.


Info Box:

Desert Noises vinyl release show with the Mighty Sequoyah, Lake Island and Sayde Price

Monday Sept. 26 at 8 p.m., $7

Muse Music