The editor of the Deseret Morning News visited campus on Thursday, taking part in the weekly forums presented by the School of Business.

The Ragan Theater seated a full audience for the editor, who recently took the reigns over one of the largest daily newspapers in the Utah region.

Cannon, who is a former board of trustee from when UVSC was a community college, says that he missed the one on one interaction with the students.

“I enjoy it very much. I spent a fair amount of time on campus with the students,” said Cannon.

 Cannon chose four main topics on how students can improve themselves, describing them as the four ways to “know thyself.”
“It is important to come to grips with why we are here and what we need to do about that,” Cannon said. “It’s a philosophical question that everyone will need to wrestle with.”

Cannon also challenged students to work on building their emotional IQ. “I believe that it is necessary to be bright and work hard, but very important to learn how to get along with other people. The heart of getting along is learning to love other people at work and in all aspects of life,” he said.

The forum was well received by many students, and Cannon enjoyed returning to the campus to visit with the students and faculty.