Did you get your economic stimulus check this year? If you did not, but you thought you were entitled to one, it may have been returned to the Internal Revenue Service because of an incorrect address.

There have been 279,000 checks, totaling $163 million, that were “returned to sender” due to bad addresses. If you moved recently, the IRS may have had the wrong location to send your check to.

“People across the country are missing tax refunds and stimulus checks. We want to get this money into the hands of taxpayers where it belongs,” said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman on the IRS Web site. “We are committed to making the process as easy as possible for taxpayers to update their addresses with the IRS and get their checks.”

All is not lost, but you must move quickly. You have only until Nov. 28 to contact the IRS and alert them of your new address to get your check back in the mail. By law, the checks must be sent out by Dec. 31.

If you need to update your address, you can go to www.irs.gov or call 1-866-234-2942. You can find out if you met the requirements to receive the economic stimulus rebate check on the IRS website as well.