Purple (V): Free Lot

The free lot is the farthest parking lot away from all of the school buildings. Though free, you still need a permit to park here. Shuttle busses that take you to different stops around the school leave the bus stop in the South end of the lot at random intervals Monday – Thursday 7am to 10pm, and from 7am to 4pm on Fridays but are not always reliable.

Peach (Y): Economy Lot $40/yr or $20/sem

The economy lot is the lower half of the free lot, even if you park in the closest spot to campus it still only saves you forty feet of walking. The shuttle bus leaves this lot from the same spot where the free lot parkers catch it.

Yellow (E,G,H,J,N,Q,P,T,S,R): Student Lots $80/yr or $50/sem

Yellow lots are scattered around campus and usually hold the nicest cars. Spots close to campus fill up fast and sometimes you park so far away, that it’s not worth the outrageous price you pay.

Green: Employee/Staff Lots

Don’t park here. The ten minutes it saved you is not worth the citation. No matter how quick you think you will be, they will catch you.

Pink Lots:

Pink lots are for your parents. But before they pay a meter let them know they can visit Parking Services for a free day pass, valid in any student or employee area on campus.

L- First 1/2 hour free, pay by ten minutes

D- First 1/2 hour free, pay by ten minutes

B- Metered parking

U- Visitor with permit/event parking

Institute Parking:

Owned by the LDS Church this parking lot is available to students regularly attending Institute. Proof of attendance is required. Visit the Institute building to pay a refundable deposit of $5 for your swipe card and sticker. Overflow parking is available in the parking lot of the LDS church on 800 South.


Without Icons: For those that do not drive a car but rather a bicycle of motorcycle special parking stalls and bicycle racks are provided at various locations on campus. No permit is required to park a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle on the UVU campus. However, motorcycles and scooters must park only in designated motorcycle stalls to avoid possible citations.

With Icons: For those that do not drive a car but rather a bicycle of motorcycle icons are included on the map so that you can navigate your way through campus. No permit is required to park a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle on the UVU campus. However, motorcycles and scooters must park only in designated motorcycle stalls to avoid possible citations.


Can get parking permits from One Stop in the Browning Administration Building (BA 106), Parking Services off campus at 936 S. 400 W. in Orem or Online by logging into UV Link and clicking on “Buy Parking Permits / Pay Citations” in the Online Services section of the Home Tab or the Student Services section of the Student Tab. You will need your completed student permit form (available at the above locations, a method of payment, a copy of your current/valid vehicle registration and a student ID number. Once the permit has been received it must be completely affixed to the lower left hand corner (driver’s side) of the windshield to be valid.


Pay citations at One Stop in the Browning Administration Building (BA 106), Parking Services off campus at 936 S. 400 W. in Orem or Online by logging into UV Link and clicking on “Buy Parking Permits / Pay Citations” in the Online Services section of the Home Tab or the Student Services section of the Student Tab. To pay for a parking citation you must have the citation number or the vehicle license plate number. All parking citations will double after ten calendar days. Also, forty days after the citation issue date, all unpaid citations receive an additional ten dollar fee.


Total Citations Issued Fall 07-Summer 08: 16,632 totaling $302,723.50

Type of Stall Count Percentage of Total

Disabled Stalls 171 2.22%

Service Vehicle 69 0.08%

State Vehicle 47 .06%

Motorcycle 58 .70%

V.I.P 4 .02%

Visitor 456 5.93%

Employee 1201 15.64%

Student 5608 73.00%

Metered 49 .63%

Other 14 .18%


SC: Sorenson Student Center

Often referred to as the Student Center this is where most services and resources are located. On the ground floor, buy books, electronics and UV apparel at the bookstore in SC 102. Visit Campus Connection in SC 106F for ID cards, bus passes, meal plans, off campus housing and other more general information. Across from Campus Connection you will find a post office and Scoops Ice cream shop where you can find ice cream or assorted snacks.

Students will find an ATM and chain restaurants and some independent food shops in the Centre Court. There is a collection of tables for students to eat, charge their laptops and look out on the waterfall located at the center of the school in the Courtyard. If students continue down the hallway to the Losee Center they will find the ‘Fishbowl Lab.’

Students who travel upstairs will find more options at a cafeteria-style eatery called the Valley View Room. A computer loft sits near the headquarters for the Student Newspaper and Student Government. Tired students may find the big screen television and bean bags comforting.

LI: Library

The new $48 million dollar Library opened on July 1, 2008 and is the Northernmost building on the school campus. On the bottom floor, students will find Bytes and Brews Cafe serving starbucks coffee and over 100 public computers. The second floor is home to the media collection with 16,057 videos and 4,270 audio CDs while the third floor holds the majoring of the 31 group study rooms in the library that can be reserved online or at any of the desks in the library. The fourth and fifth floor have chairs looking out onto a beautiful view of Utah Valley and the lake as well as an art gallery. Library materials as well as Electronic Reserve and Interlibrary loan can be searched from your home computer.

LA: Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Building is between the Physical Education Building and the new school library. Studios for Synergy, the University’s internationally-acclaimed ballroom dance team, are located in this building. The Center for the Study of Ethics also shares this building with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Academic tutoring, the math lab and writing center are located on the second floor while the Language lab is located in the basement.

PE: Physical Education and Recreation

Physical Education and Recreation class rooms begin on the first floor at the South end of the Liberal Arts building and continue down the hallway ending at the pendulum in the Pope Science building. If your class is on the second floor and you cant seem to find the stairs walk to PE 113 and turn around. The big glass doors you are now facing not only lead to tennis nets and a jogging track but a hidden set of stairs to the second floor.

Back near PE 113 you will find weight rooms and treadmills available to students wearing PE issued T-shirts. These shirts, along with towels and assorted sports equipment, can be checked out with your student ID card at the desk on the East side of the hallway. Men’s and women’s locker rooms on either side of the check out desk have lockers available for $5/sem. as well as showers available to all students. Near the middle of the hallway is the indoor entrance to the McKay Center with another small cafe.

MC: McKay Center

The McKay Center is the home of UVU Division I athletics. The building has an 8,000-seat capacity and hosts not only Wolverine basketball, volleyball games and wrestling matches, but dances, concerts, speeches, commencement ceremonies, conferences and a variety of community events.

PS: Pope Science

The Pope Science Building is easy to spot from the Hall of Flags, encompassing a giant swinging pendulum and stuffed wildlife. The Pope Science Building also features an organic chemistry lab and planetarium on the third floor. The Greenhouse Lab, like most labs on campus, is equipped with video feed of the line of hopeful computer/printer users.

EN: Environmental Technology

The Environmental Technology Building is a small building adjacent to the Pope Science Building, housing the Environmental Technology Management program. This building is connected to the Browning Administration building by the hall of flags.

BA: Browning Adminsitration

The Browning Administration Building is where students can find One Stop student services, incorporating admissions and registration and financial aid in one destination. In this building students can also find Career Services and Student Employment offices, internship services and the Job Place, in addition to the high school to college orientation office where prospective students can find information about UVU and receive a guided tour.

WB: Woodbury Business

The Woodbury Business Building is adjacent to the Browning Administration Building. This building also houses the Butler Institute for international students, the Multicultural Center, Study Abroad, Evening School/Weekend College, the Police Academy and ROTC.

LC: Losee Center

The four-story Losee Center, east of the Sorensen Center, is home to UVU’s math and writing lab with full-time tutors. The Losee Center also houses the Women in Technology Department and Career and Technical Education, training programs for employment and career exploration. This building is connected to the Student Center by the Centre Court.

CS: Computer Sciences & Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering Building is six levels sitting on the east side of campus. This building boasts several computer labs and the School of Technology and Computing. This building is connected to the Gunther Technology building by a suspended hallway with tables, outlets and chairs overlooking the campus and Utah Valley.

GT: Gunther Technology

The Gunther Trades Building contains most of the trades programs UVU was founded on, including welding, cabinetry and architectural woodwork, building construction and construction management and building inspection technology. The music department as well as the art department are housed in this building.

SA: Sparks Automotive

This building is just south of the Losee Center and is home to diesel mechanics technology. Windows on the South side of the single hallway look into a huge garage with cars and engines. An occasional English class will be taught in one of the few classrooms facing the garage and a small cafe has been added near the vending machines at the East end.

WS: Wolverine Service Center

The Wolverine Service Center houses the Testing Center where accomodative tests, student assessment and classroom tests are offered.

EB: Education Building

The Education Building is a reformed elementary school where classes mainly dealing with child development and education are taught. This building also has a computer lab.

FA: Faculty Annex

The Faculty Annex is two trailers located above the GT building. Touchstones and Warp and Weave, campus publications with with submissions ranging from nature poetry to speculative fiction have their command centers in this building.

Parking Services

This is the building you can visit to obtain a student or visitor parking permit and pay or appeal citations.

UCAS: Utah County Academy of Sciences

Utah County Academy of Sciences is an Early College High School program that blends high school and college into one educational program. If you see kids that looks like they are under eighteen in any of your classes, they probably came from this small building on campus.

LDS: Latter Day Saint Institute of Religion

Here institute classes are offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. To register or for more information visit the building on campus or

SCUP: School, College & University Partnership

The School, College and University Partnership is a program designed to involve students and parents in develop, implement and follow-up on a course of action leading to success in the student’s academic plan.

College Police

The College Police also have an office in GT 331. If you are having a problem please call (801) 863-5555. Lost and found is located at the UVU Police Department.


Classroom numbers begin with an abbreviation of the building they are located in (ex. LA, GT etc.) followed by a room number. Room numbers beginning in 0 (ex. 045) are on the basement floor of the school. Room numbers beginning in 1 (ex. 145) are located on the first floor of the school etc. up to level 6 (ex. 645).