Relationships tend to move pretty quickly here in Utah. If you aren’t careful, a friend can meet someone, date and get engaged before you see them again the next week. Social media is doing nothing but encouraging that process, what with being able to communicate all day through text, Twitter and Facebook. There’s hardly an hour in the day that you can’t send some sort of message to a significant other. With that in mind, here are some tips to make your Valentine’s Day go especially well this year.


Invite: Send the person a Facebook invitation to an event for just the two of you. You can give them as much or as little information as you want. Keep in mind that a bit of mystery can be very seductive. If you are doing something that requires them to dress different such as a formal dance or something athletic, either tell them or make provisions with their friends or family to have that clothing prepared beforehand.

Hint: This can be a great time to let the person know of special circumstances for the date such as clothing they will need. Don’t give away too much, just the barest of essentials needs to be divulged. Single word texts can accomplish this well. For those of you who like to broadcast your relationship adventures, Twitter can also be used to make it a public guessing game with friends to see who can decode the hints first.



Remind: If you are doing one big reminder to that special someone, do not text to remind the person of this special event as it gets closer. You can afford to make a phone call for a more personal touch. For frequent reminders, texting, tweeting and Facebook messages are all good ways to let the person know how excited you are for what you are planning.



Don’t Overdo It: All of the above suggestions can help keep your significant other on their toes and excited for the evening to come. Like with anything, though, too much of a good thing can backfire on you.

Turn It Off: You have been leading this person to believe this evening will really be something special, so it better be. Start the evening out by turning your cell phone to Airplane Mode. This allows you to access all that smooth Barry White music you purchased without being interrupted by friends saying “Good luck.” or “Did you score with him/her?” Devote the evening to showing this person how special they are to you, not to showing them how fast you can respond to your friends’ texts.


You know your special someone better than I do, so you can adapt the above suggestions to suit your needs. Good luck, and may social media serve you well in your endeavors for Valentines Day.


By Steve Jenkins