Winter color blocking brightens up for spring. This popular look can fit most any occasion. Photos courtesy of Soel Boutique.

 What is color blocking?

Other than being all the rage at the moment, it is more specifically a wide layer of color in a piece of clothing. An example might be when you see sleeves that are one color and the shirt itself is another coordinating color.


How do you color block?

You could color block a top or dress yourself by refashioning an item from a thrift store. Example, take a skirt you have or thrift and add a thick bright piece of fabric around the very bottom of the skirt. Done!


How can I color block for school/casual or more formal like church/dinners/dates?

We think color blocking can be done for any occasion and it really comes down to the style of the top, pants, etc. as it usually would. Blousy tops made of a soft cotton or polyester normally are easier to dress up in. Cotton tops and tees are going to be your everyday “go-to” tops. But we love clothes and fashion because there really are no rules. Wear what you love and makes you feel good. If you feel great in a hot pink top and leopard pants, do it! We would.


What are the up-and-coming colors for spring and summer?

So excited for these colors: coral, peach, mint, kelly green and periwinkle are huge! Floral and animal prints are being paired with this great color blocking trend as well. Another easy way to add a pop of color is a bright shoe. We can’t get enough of it all.



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By Elyse Taylor
The V Designer