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For the first edition, College Student Living shows you how to impress at your Halloween party or have a fun night with friends by making a gingerbread-haunted house.

1. Collect ingredients. Choose candy that will be fun and practical to use.

2. Blend & bake. Prepare the gingerbread house by mixing the ingredients for the gingerbread dough. Roll out and cut pieces using the template from the Web site. Bake and wait to cool.

3. Mix. Ingredients for the royal icing. [See recipe] Optional, use food coloring to darken the icing.

4. Toast. Optional, lightly brown approx. two cups of coconut.

5. Piece it together. Once your gingerbread pieces are cooled, use your icing. [If needed, cheat with toothpicks.] Let the icing dry thoroughly before adding candy.

6. Decorate. Use your candy and have fun decorating your house.

a. Recommendations for decorating:

i. Bricks: mini Hershey bars

ii. Tile roof: Candy Corn

iii. Fence: Tootsie Rolls

iv. Grass: Toasted coconut

v. Ghosts: Ghost Peeps

vi. Pumpkins: Candy Corn pumpkins

If you need to see this in action, see uvureview.com for the College Student Living Webisode that shows you how to make this gingerbread-haunted house.

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