Teaching survival skills to new students, a UV Mentor addresses the audience. UV Mentors try to help students go from simple survival to outright success during their college years. Jake Buntjer/UVU Review

On Aug. 31, the UV Mentors launched their first in a series of lectures for the school year.

Entitled “College Survival 101,” the lecture offered the audience a list of the top 10 survival tips to be successful in college.

Each mentor presented a tip, giving his or her own personal experiences and advice as to why that particular tip is an important one. These tips were mostly geared toward freshmen students, who made up the majority of the audience.

The mentors made an effort to engage the audience with funny anecdotes, personal experiences and handouts.

Sierra Wall, a mentor in her junior year, presented a skit on the dangers of stereotyping people encountered in classes.

“Consider the students around you,” Wall said. “If you stereotype them, you can be missing out on all they have to offer you,”

Another mentor, Lance Wright, informed the audience on the importance of having a set schedule.

“Rank your classes that you are taking this semester,” Wright said. “Your harder classes should have top priority and you should allot an efficient amount of time for that class. Then allow less time for the classes that you feel more confident in.”

These tips are not anything new or revolutionary, but are commonly overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a new semester. If students take the time to make rules for themselves and follow these tips, they may have a more successful time in school, according to the UV Mentors.

“I only attended this lecture because it was required for my student success class, but I was surprised at how much I learned,” said freshman Bethany Williams. “I’m definitely glad I went.”

For those who missed out this time, the UV Mentors will be back in October for the next lecture in their series.

Tips and advice covered:

  • Purchase used books
  • Utilize the school labs or writing centers
  • Have an open mind regarding other students
  • Have a set study schedule
  • Budget your money
  • Plan ahead
  • Get involved
  • Practice healthy eating habits
  • Stay active
  • Talk to your instructors outside of class