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According to the official clubs website, there are 166 clubs on campus. Sarah Roseborough may want to add to that number; at the very least, she wants to help each of those clubs kick it up a notch.

Roseborough was recently voted the new vice president of clubs and is very eager to build the clubs program on campus.

“More than anything, I just want to help clubs to become more successful,” Roseborough said. “A large majority of them are successful and are doing well … but others are either too new to the game or they haven’t quite figured out how to be as successful as they can be.”

Roseborough, a Salt Lake area native, attended Cottonwood High School. Her sister attended UVU, so she decided follow suit.
“My sister actually came here and she really loved her experience and I figured I would come and check it out,” Roseborough said.

Trying to make the most of her college experience, Roseborough decided to get involved by getting a position with the activities branch. She talked with others involved with clubs and decided that it was what she wanted to do.

“I kind of figured out that I really, really, really wanted to do it,” Roseborough said. “I wanted to help clubs especially. I just got a passion for it and decided to go for it.”

Roseborough said she is very enthusiastic about the future of the clubs program. She believes that they are very beneficial to students and improves one’s college experience for a few different reasons.

The first reason she suggested was the leadership skills that can come from running a club. Secondly, it helps create a more personal connection with the school. Lastly, it will give the ability to interact and learn from other people’s cultures and viewpoints.

“My favorite part about clubs is that we have so many of them and they are all so diverse,” Roseborough said. “I can’t figure out a better way of hearing the entire student body’s voice.”

Because Roseborough will be working with this wide range of clubs, she sees this as a great learning opportunity. She said she realizes that she’ll learn from others’ perspectives and reach outside her comfort zone.

“I think all of these people who are in different clubs have so much to teach me,” Roseborough said. “I’m going to learn a lot about being able to deal with things that I’m not entirely used to already.”

By Thomas Larsen

News Writer