There’s something perfectly pungent about a used bookstore. That combination of dust, history and shelves has a sort of aroma bordering aphrodisiac. Some books carry a few generation’s worth of acid-free paper, carbon-dating the literacy of former owners only according to a body’s natural oils mixed with the subtle impressions of many fingers swabbed by the tongue to turn page corners.?

Through the process of yard sales, donations, trade-ins and sales, the supply of books is in enough of a flux to rationalize frequent trips – even in the event of an empty-handed trip. When all other plans are exhausted, one can never go wrong with a used bookstore. Indeed, after a few trips, future plans quickly form with a used bookstore as a foundation. ?
The low prices – half the list-price at worst and under a dollar at best – are usually bolstered by buy-this-many and get one free deals making shopping not only frugal but fantastic. Thus, classic works of literature can be obtained at lemonade-stand prices, perfect for gifts or personal enjoyment.?

Though used bookstores usually separate the inventory of its books into genres for the most part, they also afford the curiosity of the unarranged surprise. Finding THE book is like a box of Cracker Jack – a prize is found among the myriad treats. The journey has that box of chocolates never-knowing-what-you’ll-get feeling coupled with perusal-induced anticipation. That sought-after hardback first edition could be a scanning-eyed splinter of vision away – and boy is it a delight.