Charges for providing false information to obtain a firearm against former student Kidus Yohannes have been dropped.

Yohannes was suspected of planning a shooting based on reports from a tip that Orem City police received in June of last year. Police took the tip seriously and served Yohannes with a search warrant. During the search, officers found a stolen bankcard in his vehicle; which was enough to arrest Yohannes.

Held on two counts of providing false information to obtain a firearm, Yohannes has been serving time in prison since June 2007, with bail set at $250,000.

Those charges have since been dropped. After Fourth District Judge, Gary Scott dismissed them under the reasoning that the forms were not specific about what information was optional. The form asks for a social security number, driver’s license number, alien registration number, and state identification card number. Yohannes was not clear on what numbers were optional and which were required.

Yohannes remains in prison for the credit card theft charge. He has plead not guilty.