This year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration will focus on civil rights. The Commemoration Advisory Board is now accepting proposals for the celebration. The primary focus for the proposals should be able to expand into civil rights issues. Accepted proposals will be incorporated into the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Jan. 14-16, 2009.

Any community member may submit a proposal related to the Commemoration’s civil rights themes. Submissions should briefly, a paragraph or two, but specifically describe the nature of the idea, the format or type of presentation. Presentation types include a paper, painting, performance or any other presentation form as long as it is connected to civil rights. Submissions can be given to Kathy French, the Commemoration coordinator, at [email protected] or in the Behavioral Science Dept., LA 012c. She may also be reached at (801) 863-8892.

French encourages students to be involved in the celebration. “Faculty, please encourage student participation by announcing this opportunity and by creating incentives in your course, perhaps incorporating a proposal submission as an assignment,” said French. Prizes will be awarded to the winning proposals. The first place winner will receive $250 while the second and third place winners will receive $150 and $75, respectively.

According to Martin Luther King Jr. what are civil right issues?

Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned civil rights as encompassing the full range of human rights, including non-violence, economic justice and racial equality.

Why Utah civil rights?

Utah, as well as other states, has a history of discrimination based on color, ethnicity, gender, religion and other differences. It also has a rich history of struggling to bring civil rights to its diverse peoples.

The Commemoration celebration will welcome three renowned Utah civil rights activists as keynote speakers who will address the role of free speech in promoting civil rights.

Info Box Info:

confirmed events include two evening arts performances. Finding Voice is
a musical written by Utah women about their experiences of domestic
violence and healing, and has been performed all over the state of Utah.
The UVU Fine Arts students and faculty will perform music and original
dance, and there will be a visual art show. Papers will be read by
faculty and students. Schedule details and updates will be at