Anyone who has dreamed of bright cascading waters can now own a piece of Bridal Veil Falls. In June Bridal Veil Falls, LLC, began talking to the Grow family about obtaining the Bridal Veil Falls property. The Grows have owned the property for many years and had hoped to reopen the ruined restaurant that stands at the base of the falls.

A fire, which the Forest Service says began in the restaurant on July 24, took two-and-a-half weeks to contain and burned 300 acres of land surrounding the falls. The fire compromised a tram cable that had to be cut after the flames were extinguished. The blaze also left the restaurant in an even shabbier state.

After the fire, the Grow family realized that their dream might not come true. So they decided to sell the land to Bridal Veil Falls, LLC, whose plan for the falls had been in the works for more than 18 months. Recent events in the area provided the perfect opportunity to set things in motion.

“After the avalanche of 1996 and this summer’s devastating fire, the public’s response has been one of profound sadness at the prospect of never again seeing the falls the way they fondly remembered them. We want them to know that we have a plan! And that they can be part of that plan,” said Brady Harper, of Bridal Veil Falls, LLC.

What is this plan? First, Bridal Veil Falls, LLC, will immediately begin rebuilding the tram and observation deck. Later, they will build an amphitheater and revitalize the area for community enjoyment. Additional specifics will be forthcoming.

The community can — and is urged to — get involved. As part of the “Refresh the Falls” campaign, people are invited to donate to the cause. For $99, anyone can own a piece of the falls.

“The idea is that anyone can own a piece of Bridal Veil Falls — individuals as well as businesses. People have so many fond memories at Bridal Veil Falls, and now they can be a real part of bringing it back to its former beauty,” said Harper. For more information on ownership, donations or sponsorships, visit