Quinn Maher makes a bowl for the local Food and Care Coalition’s annual fundraiser, “Bowls for Humanity,” during the Clay Club’s bowl-a-thon event on Sept. 17 Jake Buntjer/UVU Review

Each year in the early spring, the Food and Care Coalition of Provo organizes the “Bowls for Humanity” event. One of their main contributors is the school’s Clay Club, and this year, they are getting an early start.

The Ceramic Artists Association, or Clay Club, makes 400-500 bowls with their bowl-a-thon events, one of which was held on Sept. 17, with another being held in the spring.

For the fundraiser, participants can purchase a bowl made by the Clay Club or other local artists. Each person is then served soup in their new bowl.

“Basically you eat out of the bowl you’ve just purchased,” said Brian Jensen, club advisor. “It’s a good event, and as the amount of bowls have increased and the exposure has increased, it has become a major event for them.”

Not only is this an opportunity for club members to help serve the community, but it is also good practice for them, according to club member Susan Barra.

“What we do with the bowl-a-thon is just a really nice way for our students here to share their skills and their talents with the community, and do good very directly,” Jensen said. “I can’t think of hardly anything else, especially in the arts where your work can be so influential in the community.”

At the “Bowls for Humanity” event there are different categories the bowls can be entered in. Awards are given out to the winners of the various categories, which is also another perk for donating artists.

“They have some recognition. They will have someone come in and pick out some bowls and students can win awards,” Jensen said. “They like to give the potters a little something for their efforts.”

The Clay Club will be having another bowl-a-thon in the spring before the next “Bowls for Humanity” event. Students and community members are welcome to attend the Food and Care Coalition event. Bowls range from $5-$20 each. Attendees receive soup, a roll and the opportunity to help their community.