Bikini Cuts hair salon is set to open up shop on UVU campus in the Sorensen Student Center as soon as summer semester classes begin.

“We’re very excited to open up our UVU Bikini Cuts location,” said Bikini Cuts owner Rod Ellis. “We’ve always wanted a Utah Valley presence, and UVU just seems like the perfect fit. I mean, half the girls are already wearing bikinis in class anyway.”

Campus Connection will be torn down to make way for the new salon. The University was more interested in creating revenue than keeping an information desk that has become all but obsolete with the new interactive “tackboard” school Web site.

“We are glad to be able to do our part to help the school’s economy and create a few more jobs,” said Ellis, whose scantily clad stylists have been cutting hair in Salt Lake and West Jordan as well. “Those are just a couple of small things that we are doing to help the economy. But don’t expect anything small at Bikini Cuts, if you know what I mean!”

Ellis went on to point out that many Universities have full-time salons, so this is not a new concept by any means. As expected, reactions about the hair-cutting establishment have been positive, especially from current clients.

“I think it’s a great company,” says former UVU student Randall Keenan. “I’ve been going to Bikini Cuts for years. I’m just excited it’s going to save me a trip to Salt Lake for a haircut.”

As with any change, there is opposition as well. Some people are threatening to form picket lines before construction even begins.

“There need to be strict guidelines about what can and can’t be done in that salon, or I won’t let it go up,” says KC Cowles, a senior at UVU. “I’m from California and only girls from the Sunny State are touching this rug! I can’t stand idly by and let non-Cali girls parade around in two-pieces. I’ve got standards.”

Ellis’ original proposal was for his new salon idea ‘A Little Off The Top’. It’s basically the same concept as Bikini Cuts, but one step further. That idea was quickly dismissed.

“The University was worried about the hair stylists possibly catching a cold, or even pneumonia with such a lack of clothing,” said Ellis. “They didn’t want to have a big health insurance mess on their hands during the winter months.”

Any students in or near the bookstore or food court should expect about three weeks of loud, annoying construction and lung-congesting sawdust as Campus Connection transforms into Bikini Cuts.