The dark, north end of the Liberal Arts Building hallway has been illuminated since the opening of the Digital Learning Center on June 30. Closed since construction began, the doors were sealed off that originally led to the LA parking lot, leaving less light and a dead end while building of the library ensued.

After nearly two years of construction, the wall between the LA building and the library has been torn down. Former student body presidents and excited faculty and staff joined together to see the wall come down, ushering in the new tide of traffic that will, undoubtedly, soon inhabit it.

With no sledgehammer in sight to commence the wall breaking, Bill Sederburg, former president of UVU, introduced the student body presidents in attendance, including the current student body president, Joseph Watkins, and last year’s president, Kris Coles.

Terri Anne Howard, the only female student body president in school history, reminisced about the last library opening, recalling that she had been a speaker then as well. She was first to make a blow to the wall once the sledgehammer arrived.

The remaining former student body presidents proceeded in chronological order, each taking their whack at the wall to slowly break through to the other side.

Watkins was the last to go and rejected the idea of a sledgehammer entirely. Making a run at the wall full force,
Watkins broke down the remainder for an applauding crowd. Coming back through with an enormous smile, the current student body president was covered in sheetrock dust.

Sederburg joked, “I never said our presidents were smart.”

The walkway from the Liberal Arts Building to the library is now open, with stairs once again, leading to the LA parking lot.