The first year of schooling at Utah Valley University approaches an end after many ups, downs and everything in between. The transition took a concerted effort on the part of many people, no one person deserving much more credit than another. The reality of university status is upon this institution after all the effort; as much effort will be requisite to carry the university to elite status.

UVU Review has compiled this special graduation issue for those departing graduates in this historic year. Included are all of the names of the graduating class, a timeline of photographs of the historic year, a few senior spotlights and even a whimsical UVU version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

This year saw dedication of the impressive Digital Learning Center, the jump to an athletic conference after meeting Division I qualifications and a changing of the guard with the school’s presidency. Here at the school paper, we jettisoned the old name and look, The College Times, for a more aesthetically pleasing and institutionally representative name, UVU Review. Search our archives on the Web site for stories and pictures throughout the year.

The 3,805 graduates in this class is the largest amount the school has ever ushered into the workforce. The ever-increasing enrollment and fine programs at UVU are contributing factors to the high numbers of graduates.

Opportunities abound for students through clubs, internships, organizations, activities and all manner of career advisement, enabling students to make the most of their educational experience at UVU.