The university is saying good-bye to one of its employees, David Jordan, assistant dean of research for the School of Science and Health. He is retiring at the end of December.

On Monday, Nov. 29, Jordan was bid a happy farewell with a lunch reception at Centre Stage. Many colleagues, friends and family attended to show support for Jordan and his accomplishments at UVU.

Jordan is originally from California but has lived in Oregon as well. He received a BBA in Accounting from Eastern Kentucky University in 1972. In 1995, he received a MBA from Portland State University.

Jordan has worked at UVU since 2001. He was previously at Rogue Community College in Oregon where he was the Vice President and Dean of Administrative Services since 1981.

Many of Jordan’s colleagues said that the accomplishments he will be remembered for were his helping hand in the development of the science building, the research station and research funding.

Of his time spent at UVU, “it is the best institution anywhere to be associated with, such great students and faculty,” Jordan said. “I have not one negative thing to say.”

Jordan will retire to Oregon with his wife and 3 kids, where he has a house awaiting his return. Jordan mentioned that some of his hobbies include photography, racquetball, skiing and web page designing.

When asked what he will do with his time off in retirement, Jordan responded, “Be with my 3 kids, my wife and just relax. The one thing I do hope for, though, is fresh baked cookies every day.”