In a recent meeting held by UVU’s Animal Allies Club, members discussed plans to create a movement to inhibit the use of a gas chamber as an alternative to euthanasia for unwanted or sick animals.

Such a method of disposal was abhorrent in the eyes of members as those who are animal lovers. By now, it is widely known that there is a prevalent problem concerning the overpopulation of homeless, battered or sick animals, which is the primary target of discussion among AAC members.

A discussion was held concerning ways to improve the problem that continues to linger in local neighborhoods, streets, homes and shelters for transient pets. Statistics have continually shown that having a shelter for animals is not only insufficient but ineffective.

Creating a gas chamber only makes matters more discouraging when it comes to the welfare of a creature whose only motive is to love; however, there are given circumstances when an animal has to be put down due to an incurable ailment or something that may cause others to become afflicted with the same issue; but something else must be done to handle the situation.

Such circumstances are necessary, but there is still one lingering question — what about healthy animals? Many animals that are perfectly capable of living long lives are killed every day because of homelessness. This is a problem that is currently being discussed with the AAC along with many other groups.

The AAC is looking for activists who are willing to make a stand and fight for animal rights. Those interested may contact Karen Mizell at 863-8758 for more information.