America: the great nation that would love to throw itself a birthday party.

Instead of baking a cake for Lady Liberty, how about looking at classic American movies that aren’t as awful as INDEPENDENCE DAY and THE PATRIOT, but are patriotic in their own right?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas– Hunter S. Thompson’s masterpiece is the perfect choice for a Fourth of July soiree. Although Thompson is highly critical of the American dream, he somehow captured its spirit as he took it to Las Vegas to watch it die. He may not have approved of the American dream, but he was at least intrigued by its essence.

What is more American than driving around in a fancy convertible, trashing hotel rooms and picking up hitchhikers?

Also, Johnny Depp stars, no further explanation needed.

How the West Was Fun– It would be shame to celebrate July 4 without the mention of the Wild West. Luckily, the Olsen twins made a movie about how rad the Wild West once was. The twins wear cowboy hats and help save their grandmother’s ranch from being sold.

What is more American than being polite, having blonde hair and blue eyes and an identical twin?

Forrest Gump– Let’s be honest, Hippies love the Fourth of July and America loves a slow talking mama’s boy. This movie really has it all in the scope of Americana — Vietnam, war protests, grade school bullies, ping-pong and shrimp.

Seriously, it is heartfelt and makes America a place anyone would be happy to call home.
What is more American than friendship with army buddies, mowing your lawn, and investing in Mac?

Where the Heart is– Wal-Mart, the great American institution, sets the scene for a pregnant Natalie Portman to be abandoned by her deadbeat boyfriend in the parking lot. But she makes do by living inside the store.

She even names her kid ‘Americus’ when she gives birth in the Wal-Mart bathroom. That’s pretty American.

What is more American than thieving for your survival, having kids, and naming your kid something weird?