With five weeks left until the last day of spring semester, it can only mean that summer is just around the corner. This summer offers the opportunity for students to take classes and be part of the last semester at UVSC before the transition to UVU.

There are many benefits of attending summer session. One of them is saving money, since UVSC offers resident tuition to all students, and free parking permits during the summer.

Summer semester also helps students get closer to graduation status. There are four sessions during the semester that students can choose from. Courses are fast-paced, considering that some sessions only last 7 1/2 weeks.

Classes are offered not only at the main campus but also at UVSC West and at Spanish Fork High. There are classes offered during the day, evening and weekend, in order to accommodate more student schedules.

Since many students leave during the summer break, UVSC becomes quieter.

"The pressure is decreased in the summertime because of the more relaxed and informal atmosphere on campus," said Cheryl Levi, coordinator for UVSC West, in a press release.
Classes also have a different atmosphere in the summer.

"Students have more one-on-one contact with their instructors because of the smaller class sizes. I attended summer session when I was a student and loved it for all of these reasons," said Levi.

Summer session registration begins March 26 for those with 80 credits or more, March 27-28 for those with 50 credits or more, March 29-April 1 for those with 30 credits or more, and April 2 for students with under 30 credits. 

For more information visit, www.uvsc.edu/summer/