Taiwan native Daniel Parish is one of UVU’s best kept secrets. Parish arrived here from Taiwan two years ago at age 22. Having been a math tutor in Taiwan, he instinctively gravitated towards the Math Lab to tutor again.

Parish enjoys the volunteer work that he does in the math lab and the opportunity he gets to help fellow students.

“The people always have new questions, and it helps me to keep my mind sharp and helps them learn it better,” Parish said.

When Parish arrived at UVU he, like every other student, was required to take our Accuplacer exam to determine what level of English, as well as, Math he should be in. The results of the exam would be startling to some, as he had tested out of every level of math all the way into the higher levels of calculus. Parish still took some of the math classes regardless just to keep his mind sharp and to further his education.

In preparation for his future education Parish recently took the GRE and scored 780 out of 800, putting him in the 99th percentile in the nation.

However amazing the scores were, what makes Parish such a unique person is besides being a math prodigy, he still has decided to major in Business and Dance.

For the last two years at UVU Parish has been studying and working. He currently is working at the testing center. He is hard to miss as you enter the testing center, being the individual who will greet you kindly with a big smile.

Upon asking how he has enjoyed his experiences at UVU Parish commented, “I think that UVU is diverse and there are a lot of people from many countries, and it’s a very open minded campus.”