Fall is here again, and along with the tumbling leaves comes a parade of anticipated video game releases. Sure, not all of us enjoy playing video games, and aside from their thumbs being weak and sickly, those who don’t like them suffer no ill-effects. Still, games are everywhere, and even if you don’t play games yourself, many of you who have the questionable fortune of living with a gamer.


Having tasted the bounties of Utah Valley this summer (during the video game off-season), I wanted to write an article for both groups –gamers and those who live with them.


Below are three of this week’s biggest video games releases, each with just enough information to get a gamer’s pulse racing. Along with each game is a recommended activity in Utah Valley for gamers’ roommates or significant others to enjoy, presumably while the gamer builds a cushion-fort and commandeers the television for hours of alien-blasting fun.


Resistance 3 – PlayStation 3 – Release Date: Sept. 6 – Rated M
Resistance 3 is the highly anticipated third entry in the PlayStation 3’s acclaimed “Resistance” franchise. The year is 1957, and Humanity’s war against the malevolent alien species known as The Chimera is almost lost. 90 percent of Earth’s population is dead or has been assimilated by the Chimeran virus, and the world’s resistance fighters are disconnected, discontented, and discouraged. Joseph Capelli, now a former resistance fighter, hides with his family in Oklahoma. Dr. Fyodor Malikov arrives to find Capelli, and offers him the chance of a lifetime: what if Malikov found a way to cure the Chimera virus?


Alternate Activity: As gamers are watching alien hordes destroy our culture, grab a friend and enjoy the colorful culture of the East at the India Fest at the Krishna Temple on Saturday.


India Fest
Sept. 10, 5 p.m.
Krishna Temple, Free
8628 s. Main, American Fork
Dead Island – PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 – Release Date: Sept.6 – Rated M
Earlier this year, the announcement trailer for Dead Island garnered A LOT of attention by creating a scene that was as touching as it was violent. Within hours of its release, the trailer was featured on CBS News, MSNBC, and the LA Times, amongst others. In Dead Island, players will assume the role of a zombie outbreak survivor on the fictional resort-island of Banoi, Papua New Guinea. As they explore the open-world, players will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills and find new weapons by helping other survivors around the island. Throw in cooperative play, and you may just have a winner.


Alternate Activity: Your gamer is exploring modern-day Melanesia, so why shouldn’t you explore the adventure of 17th century France? This month, The Covey Center for The Arts is hosting The Three Musketeers, a play adapted by Tony-Award winner Ken Ludwig. Showings start on September 8th, and continue through the 24th.


The Three Musketeers
Sept. 8-24, 7:30 p.m.
Covey Center for the Arts
425 w. Center Street, Provo


StarFox 64 3D – Nintendo 3DS – Release Date: Sept. 9th – Rated E10+
If you had a Nintendo64 system, your heart skipped a beat when you read that title. The classic laser-blasting, dog-fighting action of StarFox 64 is back for the 3DS, and it comes with enhanced graphics, additional content, and online multiplayer with video chat. The reasons to buy it are there, but do you still have the skills?


Alternate Activity: If your gamer friend is going to go soaring through the sky, why shouldn’t you? Bundle up, grab a camera, and enjoy a Full-Moon Lift Ride at Sundance Resort! Remember, rides are only offered September 12-14, so timing is key!


Full Moon Lift Ride
7:30 p.m., $8-11
Sundance Ski Resort
Provo Canyon