On Friday, Dec. 3, the second annual “Contours of Knowledge” was presented by students, faculty and staff members showcasing their imaginative, interdisciplinary ideas to the public in the library auditorium.

“[This] is students presenting their work in a scholarly context,” said Jans B. Wager, chair in Interdisciplinary Studies and Cinema Studies. “The work is fascinating and we welcome all within the community to come.”

One month prior to the conference, students and members of the academic community submitted a one page brief, summarizing a proposed presentation in the following categories: academic papers, short films, panels and workshops. The process is not easy; it is juried so not everyone who submits gets in.

The interdisciplinary conference was a great opportunity to present ideas and offer diverse/interdisciplinary work to the public, as well as pave a path toward graduate school.


For more information about Interdisciplinary Studies visit the their website