I haven’t bought many records this year. I’m broke. I live off financial aid, work-study jobs and a part time job at Nicolitalia Pizzeria.

From time to time, a record will get released that I’ll go hungry for, that I’ll spend my not-so-hard-earned cash for. Cheap Time, from Nashville Tenn., did just that earlier this year. I picked up their Handy Man 7″ in December at their show in Memphis, and it generated a jones for more.

I actually bought two copies (one for a friend … I’m not that kind of collector) when it was finally released (the record was delayed for about a month and I almost lost my mind) and when the transaction went through, my rent check bounced. I’m not worried, though, because the gnawing in my belly and the ringing paranoia of eviction were outmatched by this modern update of forgotten punk bands the kids at Hot Topic never knew existed.

They’re the sonic equivalent to a diabetic sugar OD. They claw at my inner ear in just the right spots, mitigating the itch for a wicked balance of screech and relief from the standard punk-pop drivel.

Lately these guys have been getting some pretty good press, and I hope it doesn’t go to their heads. If you want something not too harsh but not so sugary, then check it out. It’s absolutely worth your 10 bucks.

Find the album at intheredrecords.com or amazon.com