Dance student Brianna Lago finishes a class in the PE building. When a fellow dance student asks where she is off to, she responds saying she is off to work. What she really means is she will be walking down the hall and down the stairs to clock in.
Lago works for the language lab, where she enjoys flexible hours and close proximity to some of her classes.
On-campus jobs have their ups and downs. For many the convenience of having school and work in the same place is worth it, and for others it is not. Chandler Dunn started working at the bookstore not long ago and enjoys the flexible hours.
“It’s really nice because they work with your schedule,” Dunn said.
Dunn works with Valyeon Flygare, who wishes there was a swing shift option.
“It’s nice, and you don’t have to drive anywhere, but since it closes early your hours are limited,” Flygare said.
Michelle Carter is a student who has works part time for the bookstore for two years, and wishes she could have more hours.
“It’s convenient when you’re in classes,” Carter said. “You can only work part time here, but full time as an option would be nice.”
For many on-campus jobs, part time is the only option because benefits would need to be given to full time employees. However, there are some full-time jobs on campus available.
Many students work for the custodial department and receive 40 hours per week, and benefits, including all paid tuition. Although this is a great way to pay for school and obtain a full-time income, many of these students find it hard to take many classes.
Brett Webb works as a full-time custodian on campus and also takes classes.
“I usually don’t have as much time as I would like, to do homework but I have time to go to class,” Webb said.
Webb also said the hours are not flexible in his position. Webb works the same eight-hour shift each day. Custodial work is a hidden gem in many ways, because many students don’t realize that not only do the full-time employees get the benefits of paid tuition, but the immediate family of the employee also gets to enjoy this benefit.