At, college students can leave comments on and judge all of their professors. They can say how much they learned and if the teacher was unintelligible, funny, or even attractive.

As of this paper’s printing, the site has 1,145 professors listed for UVU, and there are still eleven listed under UVSC. This makes a valuable resource for students here when the time comes to register for classes.

When using UVU’s self-registration service online, it becomes too easy to choose a class based on the time it’s given, or how many seats are left. However, when you actually start taking the class, those are not the factors that will influence your time in that class the most. Your professor can make or break not only your GPA, but your college experience as a whole.

Feedback can be left anonymously, so there is no threat to your grade if you leave a negative comment. Also, professors can now publish a rebuttal to negative comments if they would like, which has the potential to tell more about the professors than the original comments by students.

To leave a comment on a professor, no proof that the rater actually took the class is required. There is an optional place to enter your grade and which specific class you took, but in general, the angrier students don’t provide that information. So take each comment with a grain of salt, because they’re certainly not all true.