The Web is littered with image hosting sites. Visit Photobucket or TinyPic and you’ll find an unlimited amount of random pictures hosted on their servers for uses known only to those who uploaded them. DeviantArt however, focuses not so much on the art being hosted, but on the artist.

Initially launched in August of 2000 as part of a network of mostly music-related sites, DeviantArt is home to over 8 million members who showcase around 80,000 new pieces of art per day. Each registered artist (deviant) is given their own gallery to display their original “deviations,” thereby advertising themselves to both the public and potential business opportunities.

Many post their work looking for helpful criticism or perspective, others are giving samples in hope of paid work, and some are simply proud of their art and looking to share it.

So what does this have to do with the
artistically disinclined consumer?

DeviantArt is where you will find those willing and able to accomplish any artistic project you require. Whether you need your company’s new Web page designed, a wall hanging for your living room, or an original tattoo tailored to you, this is where you come. Keep in mind that you will probably be paying for their services and that good professional artists rarely come cheaply.

Outside the world of business dealings, there is content here to keep you entertained for hours. Simply refreshing the front page of the site every 20 seconds will keep a constant stream of images coming your way. Delve into the search function and you’ll find fan art, photography, traditional and digital art — a limitless supply of almost any subject conceivable on nearly any medium.

Whether you’re an art appreciator, a student looking to cover the bare white walls of your apartment, or an entrepreneur in need of a slick logo, is worth a look or two.