Have hard times gotten you bugaboo or made you frustrated with the often high cost of being a student? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Even the best of us have to search for creative ways to make sure every dollar we spend goes as far as it possibly can.

Suggestion: shop at Honk’s. No, it’s not a store full of geese. It’s an awesome dollar store on 650 S. and Freedom Boulevard in Provo. After entering, you’ll be slapping yourself silly once you see all the good deals you’ve been missing out on. Toilet paper, cookies, soda, tape, shampoo, dishes. all the necessities for one dollar. And you thought Wal-Mart had good deals.

Its pretty remarkable that a store like Honk’s can still offer such great deals. But how is it that they manage to stay in business with such low prices?

“We buy from wholesaler out of California, which then goes to our factory in Idaho,” said store manager Kimberly Hoffman. “This allows us to keep selling products for just one dollar.”


If one-dollar isn’t enough for the frugally minded out there, Honk’s has 88-cent Tuesdays, where every item in the store goes on sale for just 88 cents. Any 2 for 1 item goes for just 44-cents. If that isn’t enough incentive to ditch the other stores, I don’t know what is.

Honk’s is starting to see an increase in customers. In fact, the store’s low prices are becoming great incentives for those looking to find better ways to spend their money.

“We’re seeing a new increase,” Hoffman said. “Lately, our customer count has been going up about 200 hundred people per month. That’s pretty good for business.”

UVU students should also be on the look-out for Honk’s special school supply sales. This will come in handy for students who want to be prepared the first day of class without draining their wallet.

The next time you’re stuck in the bathroom without toilet paper, or you need to buy food but don’t have a lot of cash, remember that Honk’s is just around the corner with nearly everything you need to get by.