Finding the pillow, counting sheep, and “Z”s are what most college students are not getting enough of. Rather, caffeine-fueled college students cram for exams, write papers until the crack of dawn, and snooze through their classes. A trend that shows if you can’t sleep: You won’t get “A”s.

With 24-hour entertainment at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that “B”s are more popular than “A”s. Although, most students want to get “A”s, they would rather catch up on their favorite television shows, play video games, and chat online with virtual friends than sleep or study.

There is almost a proud feeling among students. It’s an attitude of, “Guess what? I just pulled an all-nighter!” Good for you. According to researchers, pulling an all-nighter is the equivalent of driving drunk, and is detrimental to reaction time and memory. Facts continue to pile up on how sleep is great for your health, your mind, and your school work.

Changing such a culturally ingrained habit, like sleep deprivation, is not impossible. It’s easy. Just sleep. Easier said than done, right?

Look no further. In the Student Center on the second floor in room 221, Health Services offers a one-on-one sleep assessment program. Costing only 5 to 10 dollars a session, you can be assessed in two easy steps. First, what your sleeping behaviors are, and second, what your specific sleep disorders are, if you have any.

Amy Grubbs, the coordinator of the Wellness Programs on campus, said, “A lot of people aren’t even aware that they have sleeping disorders.” Finding this out can increase your chance of curing a serious life long problem and, more importantly, keep you focused in school.

Let sleep balance your life. It will rejuvenate your ability to work more efficiently. You will be able to concentrate, react faster, look healthier, and maybe even get those well-deserved “A”s.