Earlier this month, the U.S. Census Bureau informed us that the median age for women to marry is 26 and the median age for men is 28. The study also concluded that these median ages are on the rise.

One of the main reasons for delayed marriage is a career. Most young adults today go through school, move into their careers, and settle before considering marriage.

According to specialists, postponing marriage until an older age is beneficial.
“We found that the delay in marriage was actually a good thing,” sociologist Paul Amato of Pennsylvania State said. “It actually improved the average marital quality by a fair amount.”

By waiting, Amato said, couples who marry in their thirties are far more cohesive because more time was spent together before saying “I do.” Couples who waited to marry also showed less chance for divorce.

“Couples who married at older ages were less likely to report thinking about divorce or that their marriage was in trouble,” said Amato.

While delaying marriage until you are older may be better, waiting until you are ready to marry is also important, said sociologist Andrew Cherlin of John Hopkins University.
“People are more concerned with their own self-development than they used to be,” Cherlin said. “People are postponing marriage until everything in their lives is working in order. The order means after you’ve finished your education, perhaps beginning your career, and increasingly after you’ve lived with your partner.
They’re postponing marriage until they think they’re ready for it.”

The U.S. Census Bureau reported the age of marriage to vary state to state.

In the Midwest, Utah residents average 23 years of age at time of marriage. However, residents of New York would rather wait a while before marrying, until the average marrying age of 28. Marriage at a younger age is more popular throughout the central Midwest, while trends of marrying late in life dominate the Northeast.

While marrying the right person at the right time may be the most important guideline to follow, serious thought and preparation should be taken since 50 percent of today’s marriages end in divorce.