International relations at UVU has had the help of three international consulates who are headquartered on campus.
Consulates are diplomatic missions from foreign schools.

The consulates who are working at UVU are Honorary Consul
Baldomero Lago, an assistant professor in UVU’s language department who represents Spain; Honorary Consul General Danielle Butler, who represents Kyrgyzstan; and Honorary Consul General Rusty Butler, who represents Russia.

According to Rusty Butler, UVU has the most international consulates out of all the educational institutions in the Western United States.

“UVSC has an outstanding reputation among diplomats in Washington, D.C. and the United Nations,” said Butler in a press release. “Utah is a very international state, with many well-traveled citizens, and UVSC in particular has a significant, even disproportionate representation of international groups, as well as a good reputation abroad and among U.S.-based diplomats.”

Consuls work with citizens from their represented countries and those who are traveling to that country. They also help develop trade relations and friendship between the two countries. Some consuls may also have other duties, such as issuing visas and providing assistance in voting in foreign elections.

For example, Honorary Consul Baldomero Lago has been developing the relationship between UVU and the Universidad de Extremadura, located in  Caraces, Extremadura, Spain. He also recently had the consul general of Spain, Inocencio F. Arias, visit the campus and give a speech on the United Nations in the 21st century.

“My vision is to further relations between UVSC and universities in Spain for the purpose of allowing students and faculty to have a global learning and engagement experience,” said Lago in a press release.

Honorary Consul Danielle Butler has brought culture to UVU by having Kyrgyzstanian  musical folk groups come perform. She has also hosted the Woman of the Mountains conference, where issues about women and families from developing mountain nations were discussed.

Honorary Consul Rusty Butler is the associate vice president of international affairs and diplomacy at UVU. He has created relationships between Utah and Russia by doing things such as having UVU students perform at Moscow’s 859th anniversary celebration and helping with the Moscow-Utah Youth Games.

These consulates continue their work at UVU and continue to bring more international relationships and understanding to students here and in their represented countries.