If socially active UVU students are any representation of general opinion, brunettes are officially more attractive than blondes.

At the dating auction held at Centre Stage on Nov. 5, four boys and four girls were auctioned off. Dates with brunette women sold for an average of three times more than blondes. Instead of bidding with money, the currency of the event was cans of food.

Every November, fueled by the culinary-centric holiday Thanksgiving, hunger activism peaks. This year, the Service Council is putting more energy into food drives than has been seen in the last few years.

Hunger awareness events at UVU are a joint venture with Utah’s Community Action services and food bank, an affiliate of the United Way.

Richard Doxey, a first-year member of the Service Council, organized the event. The prize dates will take place at the Hunger Banquet on Nov. 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom. Anyone is welcome, and entrance is $7, or $5 with four cans of food.

The crowd started the evening out slow, hesitantly increasing bids by one can at a time. When a man in a green hoodie stood up and yelled “25 cans,” increasing the bid by 11 cans in the first auction for MAWL member Kim Rasmussen, the ice was broken and students started playing fast and loose with cans of food.

The excitement grew during the evening, the last two auctions ending at 100 cans for Andrea Peterson and 75 cans for Justin Morrill. Bidders didn’t need to have the cans on-hand; they were taken on credit.
For more information on how to give to Utahans in need, visit the Volunteer and Service-learning center in SC 105 or go to www.CommunityActionProvo.org