Brimstone Howl, one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands inhabiting earth, came through Provo in August to promote their new album, We Came in Peace. You probably didn’t hear about the show because it was played at an undisclosed location (wink wink), but it shook the building to its foundations. Everybody got rocked.

The boys in the band played most of the new songs and some of the old ones. I’m a big fan of these dudes, if you can’t tell. We Came in Peace is their third full-length effort, and I was skeptical, because, well, I’m a skeptic.

I have a tough time letting go of a band’s old record when a new one comes out, and there is usually a probationary period for new records. The new ones have to stand up in some part to what I dig most about the previous record. We Came in Peace has passed my arbitrary snotty new record test.

I dig this record — all the way around.

They tweaked their sound just enough to be interesting, but not so much that they’ve lost what made me love them in the first place: ground-shaking primal beats, the catchy take on crappy bar rock, haunting vocals, tons of reverb, and nothing short of phenomenal guitar work from a bunch of drunken Nebraskans. These are the kids that set fire to the devil’s tail, y’all.

Now, lastly, if Brimstone Howl ever plays in your town, here’s a few things you might want to remember: They dig burritos, they dig beer, and Calvin Retzlaff will pass out on your couch with his pants half way down and leave parts of his drum-kit at your house and take your cymbals back to Nebraska.