If you, like so many of us, feel a void in your life where things like the Lord of the Rings movies and new Harry Potter novels once dwelled, then allow me to introduce you to the next big thing to comfortably fill that void. It’s called Mouse Guard, and it is, quite simply, breathtaking.

Written and illustrated by David Petersen, Mouse Guard is the tale of, as you might have guessed, mice. Set in a medieval age that somewhat parallels that of humans, these mice fight and struggle to survive in an unrelenting world filled with predators. This is where the Mouse Guard comes in. They are not only elite soldiers that tip the scales in the battle for survival, but also pathfinders and guides that help other mice find safe passage between the cities.

The book is filled with epic battles, daring rescues and terrible betrayals. It reads like an epic fantasy movie, and practically begs for Hollywood to scoop it up and turn it into summer’s next blockbuster franchise. Of course, if the quality of the series stays as high as it has been, that may actually be exactly what happens.

Petersen’s story telling is superb, but the real star here is his artwork. The comic has a picture book like feel and it fits the story like a glove. Every page looks as if it was hand painted. The colors blend to create a feel for each book, which thus far have been named after seasons, like Fall 1152 and Winter 1152. In combination with the fable style story telling, it feels like a tale that’s been passed on for generations, even though it was first published in 2006.

Hurry and pick up a copy of Mouse Guard before it explodes into the mainstream media and becomes the next big thing, as it is bound to do. Then, you can be that guy or gal that leaves the midnight showing with a scoff and the words, “the comic was better.”