The very entertaining classic “The Music Man” is playing at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City. This play is not to be missed if you want to see something funny that has great production values.

Harold Hill, played by Mark R. Gollaher, is a terrific actor, hindered only by his spitting while talking, so watch out first row. Harold is a con artist who goes to the small Iowa town of River City posing as a musical bandleader to sell the children nonexistent instruments and uniforms before absconding with the money.

His only rival is Marian Paroo, played by Carianne H. Jones, who has a lovely voice, which she employs in an effort to uncover the fraud. Right before Marian exposes Harold he helps her brother Winthrop (Mason Johnson) to get over his fear of talking with a lisp. An honorable mention goes to Johnson who steals the show with cuteness and using his realistic lisp that he had when he was younger.

Marion decides not to turn Harold in after seeing the good in him, and soon falls for his charms.

The school board does not trust Harold either, and constantly asks to see his credentials — a questioning he routinely evades with the art of a cappella.

Mayor Shinn is always suspicious of Harold and brings tons of laughter to the already comedic play.

The set, designed by Anne M. Benson, is outstanding. The music is directed by Trevor Jerome and is also outstanding. A commendable job goes to Jenni Sant, the Stage Manager who made the play flow at a constant rate. This is one play that is very enjoyable and is playing until Dec. 28.