A Chevy Camaro pulls up to your apartment while you watch through the window. The driver gets out, dusts off his car with a cloth, then begins walking to your doorstep with pride. He is your date. Are you impressed?

The guy in this scenario probably feels impressive. For the evening he has his car and a date, but what does the girl think? I, for one, am unimpressed by men who have nice cars. I am more than unimpressed, actually: I become concerned and find myself somewhere between judging them and worrying for their finances. However, the real reason why it is a turn-off for me is because of what it says about the guy.

I may not be a math whiz, but even with a scholarship, I find it hard to believe a nice car is affordable for a college student. If a man has a nice car, he either doesn’t care very much about debt, or has a full-time job and doesn’t buy anything else. But in this case, why is it such a priority? What is there to prove?

The purpose of dating is to eventually find a potential partner, and I personally don’t want to tie myself to someone who spends money like Congress does. I would take this to mean that life with that person would be stressful. So, when I see someone with a crappy car, I have a better first impression of the guy.

I am honestly very impressed when a man is driving an old beater. He doesn’t need to prove his manhood, or maybe he doesn’t care to and knows what is practical. This confidence and competence is very attractive to me.