Starving student is a common expression to describe the poor eating habits of many busy full-time students.
There are many reasons why students eat strange things. For many, cooking a meal may take too much time away from studying or working.
Christine Chipala is a student and likes to cook. She sees her starving student roommate from a cook’s perspective.
“My roomie likes a lot of frozen dinners from Wal-Mart since she doesn’t know how to cook,” Chipala said.
Cooking is something to get used to, but another reason students seem to “starve” is because of a lack of money for groceries at times.
“When I run out of groceries, cereal is my best friend until I get some more money,” Chipala said.
Cody Burton, like many students, has a go-to meal. Burton likes a concoction he invented called grilled pizza.
“I put mozzarella cheese on bread on a pan with basil, then dip it in sauce,”
Burton said. “Another
specialty I have is ramen noodles and eggs.”
Another time someone might eat something strange is when students don’t get around to going to the grocery store. Burton and his roommates have found themselves in this situation before and decided to improvise.
“Once we ran out of milk, so we just had ranch in our mac and cheese instead,” Burton said. “It was a bad idea.”
On a busy student schedule, food is not always the highest priority. It can take creativity to eat at times, but every student has their own strategies for surviving college.