I consider myself to be a bargain specialist when it comes to groceries. I don’t do the coupon thing, but have found my best bargains in small obscure stores. Something I have learned is that Walmart is not the best place for cheap food. Some lesser-known places to find cheap food are Rancho Market and Dollar General.
Many don’t know what Rancho Market is, which is a shame because it is an amazing place. When you walk in, it is like teleporting to South America. For someone like me, this is very exciting, because I have never been out of the country.
Rancho Market is especially good for cheap produce. It feels like produce costs pennies.Rancho Market has ruined me for Walmart. Some people think Rancho Market produce isn’t ripe as long, but that is a risk I am very much willing to take when I am risking pennies.
Another hidden treasure of Utah Valley is the Dollar General. It is located in the same parking lot as Rancho Market, 1700 North and State Street in Provo. This is where I buy my Cheerios. I feel good about a two-dollar box of cereal.
Besides my regular purchases at Rancho Market and Dollar General, I live on hot dogs, top raman, rice and spaghetti. My grocery bill is about $15 per month. Although I don’t eat like a queen, I am happy with this lifestyle because I have money for movies and dancing.