The theatre department’s annual spring tradition of holding the Short Attention Span Theatre (SAST) is now underway in the Black Box Theater (GT 627).

At the end of each school year, the department hands the keys over to the students to produce eight student-written, directed, designed and acted plays.

The plays average 10 minutes, giving SAST the tagline, "If you don’t like this one, wait 10 minutes!"

This year, the production is noticeably up in quality from previous SASTs. Every play is filled with great performances. Usually, you can point out several players to poke fun at, but that’s not the case with the ’08 production.

The directors and designers have come up with unique ways to stage their plays within the same space used for every other scene. For example, one show is set in a dining room and artistically performed in black and white (you’ve got to see it to believe it), and the next is inside a messy boys’ room. Then it’s a kitchen, a jungle, a psychiatrist’s office, an apartment lobby, an old-Western home and elderly ladies house, all using the same space.

The plays range from old-time sci-fi and classic comedy, to cowboy westerns and modern satire.

SAST literally offers a little something for everyone.

While SASTs of the past may have had a comedic emcee as the entertaining interstitial for each individual play, this year it’s filled with fun musical numbers, mostly performed by the Black Box Repertory Company.

This year’s SAST has really demonstrated the theatre department’s progression since offering a four-year degree.
The faculty has earned the right to gloat, because their students have put their teaching to good use.

If you’re looking for a fairly cheap and worthwhile way to get your mind off the worries of upcoming finals, then head on up to the Black Box Theater for some fun, live entertainment.