Since his career took off several years ago, Will Ferrell hasn’t played a leading man in a single R-rated project. His last few sporty flicks, Talladega Nights and Blades of Glory, have been the PG-13s that almost anyone can enjoy.

But with the rise of friend Judd Apatow and his "adult comedies" (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad), Ferrell is trying to appeal to the same "adult" audience.

Ferrell can now be seen starring as Jackie Moon, the vertically integrated owner, manager, head coach and star player of Flint, Michigan’s joke-of-an-American Basketball Association team, the Flint Tropics. When ABA announces that they’re merging four teams into the NBA, Jackie tries everything possible to get the Tropics into the top four.

For this round, Ferrell adds several familiar faces to his growing entourage of hilarious co-stars. Woody Harrelson plays a washed-up basketball legend. Andre Benjamin is the only player with real talent. Will Arnett (G.O.B. in Arrested Development) is the pessimistic drunk commentator. You can expect the rest of team Ferrell’s regulars to show up throughout the movie as well.

What can you expect from Semi-Pro? A lot of laughs derived from crude and perverted humor, a lot of colorful dialogue (nothing is taboo), man versus bear wrestling, the grossest sex scene you’ve ever seen, the funniest brawl you’ve ever seen and a low-angle close-up shot of Will Ferrell in the smallest shorts you’ve ever seen.

By now, everybody knows what to expect when going into a Will Ferrell comedy – pure stupidity, crude humor and endless, ridiculous laughs. This time around he’s added over-the-top adult elements unfamiliar to his flicks, so be prepared. If you like Ferrell and his gang of comedic dummies, then the Tropics just might be the team for you.